Scarecrow Stroll

2021 Scarecrow Stroll Info

Guidlines & Entry Rules

  • Any individual, family, organization, school, or business is welcome to participate. The cost is $20 to cover the frame for the scarecrows and signage.
  • Scarecrows can and should be thematic and will be located at Chapin Park during Cornfest Week.
  • Scarecrows must be original and made by the registrant.
  • Three winners will be chosen. Ribbons will be provided. The public will get to vote on their favorite.

The Corn Festival Committee and/or Morris Woman’s Club reserve the right to remove any scarecrow that deteriorates to an unacceptable level during the week. Please make your scarecrow as weather-proof and indestructible as possible.

The Corn Festival Committee and Morris Woman’s Club are not responsible for loss or damage to scarecrows while on display or in the drop-off/pick-up areas. Please do not use valuable materials/objects as the scarecrows will not be monitored.

The Corn Festival Committee and Morris Woman’s Club will provide signage for your scarecrow and install all scarecrows. No handouts, promotional material or free giveaways can be associated with your entry.

The Corn Festival Committee and Morris Woman’s Club reserve the right to use photographs, organization names, contact names and scarecrow names for publicity purposes.

Entries must be suitable for viewing by small children. Entries that are controversial, religious, political, or graphic (sexual/gory) in nature will not be accepted. The Corn Festival Committee and Morris Woman’s Club reserve the right to remove any scarecrow they deem offensive or inappropriate. Registrants may check on their scarecrow throughout the installation and touch up if needed.

Tips for Making Scarecrows

Scarecrows will be subject to the weather for at least one week, so they need to be constructed with weather-resistant materials and scotch-guarded. Clothing that does not fade easily, such as nylon and polyester hold up better than cotton.

Stuffing can be anything, but newspaper or water-soluble peanuts will not work or hold up to weather. Plastic bags hold up for months. Newspaper can be placed inside plastic bags for stuffing.

There should be no loose items on the scarecrow. Secure all items by sewing, nailing, or using waterproof adhesive. Sewing is best, but large safety pins or staples will work well. Clear tape will not hold up to weather, but colored electrical tape or duct tape will work well. The wind will blow anything not secured well and can rip things pinned at corners.

There should be no loose accessories placed near or around your scarecrow. Everything must be attached to your scarecrow or cross.

Avoid using food or other substances that may attract wildlife.

Facial expression is the first thing a viewer will notice. For the head, options could be an old milk jug, gourd, pot, wood, ball, pillowcase, or burlap bag (with painted or sewn on face).

Ideas for hair: yarn, broom, corn, shredded plastic, moss, raffia, or old mop head.

Clothes: check out thrift stores for colorful, cheap clothing and accessories.

Remember the details: a glittering pair of high-heeled shoes, for example, will help your scarecrow stand out.

Do not use latex gloves, as they quickly disintegrate outdoors. Hands made from stuffed gloves covered with electrical tape are better for withstanding weather.

Spray Scotch-guard fabric protector inside and out of clothes and other items to prevent mildew. Papier-mâché, even with Scotch-guard may not last the whole week.

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