Crackbox Derby
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Sponsored by Morris Hospital

Show Rules

  • Drivers ages K- 8th Grade
  • Entry Fee - $2.00 Corn Festival Button Per Driver (only 50 available at track)
  • Drivers must wear helmets – Full face style preferred, motorcycle/football/hockey style helmets
  • ALL cars must have lap seat belt, one shoulder belt highly recommended, four point harness recommended
  • Wheel classes
    • Derby wheels:  Wheels having less than 1” tread at the point of contact with the pavement.
    • Precision wheel: Any wheel not mass produced (handmade) or modified from its original intent.
    • Plastic wheel:  Plastic wheel of the type found on plastic toy wagons and “Big Wheels;” must be at least 1” width.
    • Rubber wheel
  • Derby car design specifics
    • Derby car must seat one (1) driver only
    • Width limit not to exceed 36”
    • Height not to exceed 30”
    • Wheelbase not to exceed 40”
    • Ground clearance of at least 3”
    • Overall length not to exceed 80”
    • All cars must have at least three (3) wheels not exceeding 12” diameter, locked on axle with nut or cotter key.
    • Cars must have some sort of drag brake that is operated by the driver.  We ask for safety reasons that these brakes are of good working order and capable of stopping the car.  The race course is downhill and cars can reach speeds of up to 20 mph.
    • Each car must have some sort of handle on the rear to aid in handling of the car on the starter ramp. Also a removable pull rope on front of car to pull it back up the track is highly recommended
    • Cars will not have sharp edges, especially around cockpit.
    • Go-cart frames will NOT be permitted.
    • Extra weights will NOT be permitted.
  • Race format and awards
    • Race winners in each class will be determined by the average time of Heat I and Heat II combined
    • Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in each class.
    • Ribbons will be awarded for 1st through 6th place in each class.
    • Cash payout to all drivers regardless of place.
  • Decisions of the judges will be final.  Driver safety and the spirit of fair play are priority.
  • Top three (3) drivers in each class are invited to be in Sunday’s Corn Festival parade.

Crackerbox Derby and trophies are sponsored by the Morris Loins Club

Track Staff and Crackerbox Derby is promoted by Darrell Gay.   Any questions, please call: 815-685-2043

Show Details

Located at Upper Goold Park, Union Street, Morris

Saturday, September 28th, 2019

7:30 am Upper Gould Park Pits Open – Registration and Tech Begins
8:55 am Drivers Prayer followed by National Anthem
9:00 am Races Begin - Heat Race I
10:30 am Heat Race II - Same Order
12:00 pm Trophy Presentation

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Show Location

July 9, 2020 NEWS RELEASE

The Grundy County Corn Festival in Morris, IL for 2020 has been officially canceled due to the Pandemic.

The Grundy County Corn Festival Board unanimously voted to cancel this year’s festival due to so many unknowns and variables at this time. We know that the cancellation will be a big disappointment for many people. Please know that our board made this decision with heavy hearts and analyzed every avenue to make it happen to no avail. The attendees, staff & volunteers of our festival and our community’s well-being/safety is of utmost concern to all of us.

The Illinois Department of Public Health currently has not published their festival and parade guidelines, the state’s inspectors for carnivals are not doing inspections, and there is a possibility that we cannot obtain necessary permits/licenses for this year.

Again, we are deeply saddened in making this extremely difficult decision, but look forward to another great festival in 2021.


Grundy County Corn Festival, Board of Directors

[ All vendors will be notified shortly ]

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